Irish Language 3 (Intermediate)

This course focuses on improving conversational fluency in everyday situations.


Our summer 2020 series of online courses ran from May 24th–August 7th. We are extremely grateful to the 400+ people who participated. We hope to offer further courses in the winter—more information will be available here in September.

Many learners of Irish reach a point where they have a reasonable ability to understand spoken Irish in everyday situations, but find it hard to fully express their own thoughts or to answer questions in a hurry! It has been Oideas Gael's experience that learners at this stage benefit greatly from focused conversational practice in small-group environments with input and guidance from an experienced teacher.

In this course you will discuss a varied range of familiar topics, but with an emphasis on expanding your vocabulary and improving your ability to communicate. Participants will take advantage of a specially-developed curriculum, with learning materials provided, which your teacher can tailor to the class' specific needs. There will also be good craic and plenty of opportunities to talk!

The topics covered will vary from week to week to benefit those who wish to complete more than one course at this level. Certain topics may repeat after a five-week period: those who plan on taking classes for an extended period should bear this in mind.

Wondering how our online classes work and what's involved? Curious about dialects or class sizes? Find the answers to your questions at the link below!

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