Irish Language 4 (Bí ag Caint!)

Suitable for upper intermediate or advanced learners: expand your vocabulary and practice discussing new topics.


Our summer 2020 series of online courses ran from May 24th–August 7th. We are extremely grateful to the 400+ people who participated. We hope to offer further courses in the winter—more information will be available here in September.

This course aims to boost your Irish-speaking ability by encouraging you to discuss topics that might be new to you or to talk about subjects you are already familiar with in greater depth. Classes at this level will be conducted entirely through Irish but you don't need perfect grammar or excellent writing skills to join! The emphasis will be on conversation and a skilled teacher will provide guidance and assistance, ensuring you learn new words and idioms and giving you the opportunity to clarify any questions you might have. Participants will take advantage of a specially-developed curriculum, with learning materials provided, which your teacher can tailor to the class' specific needs.

The topics covered will vary from week to week to benefit those who wish to complete more than one course at this level. Certain topics may repeat after a five-week period: those who plan on taking classes for an extended period should bear this in mind.

Wondering how our online classes work and what's involved? Curious about dialects or class sizes? Find the answers to your questions at the link below!

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